Types of Gate Valves

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A gate valve is a type of control valve that either enables media to flow freely or prevents it from doing so. The fundamental benefit of a gate valve is the unobstructed straight-through channel, which results in low pressure loss across the valve. Unlike butterfly valves, the unimpeded bore of a gate valve allows for a pig’s passage in pipe cleaning procedures. Gate valves, on the other hand, are less speedy than quarter-turn valves; they should only be used to regulate flow when fully open or closed. Automated gate valves are available with an electric or pneumatic actuator, however because gate valves are rarely utilised, a manual gate valve is more cost-effective. Sluice gate valves are another frequent name for gate valves.

Gate valve malaysia is available in a variety of styles and technologies to provide excellent sealing for a variety of applications.

The knife gate valve

For viscous fluids and dry bulk materials, a knife gate valve is utilized. The gate is usually made of a single piece of metal that is pointed like a knife. Because they traverse the seat rings every whenever they open and close, these valves are self-cleaning.

The wedge gate valve

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A wedge gate valve has a wedge-shaped gate that rests on two inclined seats. A high wedging force on the seats caused by the stems tightening, assists with the sealing in addition to the main force created by fluid pressure. Due to reduced “rubbing” on the seats, the wedge-shaped gate doesn’t really stick to the seat in the event of a large fluid differential pressure. It also has a longer service life. Wedge-shaped gate valves, on the other hand, have an added compression strain on the seats, which can cause thermal binding and limited valve opening owing to expansion.

The parallel slide gate valve

The gate of a parallel slide gate valve is flat, and the seats are parallel to it. Line pressure and placement are used by parallel slide gate valves to create a tight seal. Flat gates are made up of two parts with a spring in the centre. For better sealing, the spring presses the parts closer to the seats. Parallel gate valves have a security benefit in higher temperature situations due to their inherent design. Furthermore, because parallel gates have no wedging action, closing torques are reduced, allowing for smaller, less costly actuators or less human effort. Parallel gates prevent dirt off the sitting surfaces since they slide into place.

The slab gate valve

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Slab gates, also known as through-conduit gate valves, are one-piece gates with a bore-size hole in the middle. In the open state, the bore aligns with the two-seat rings. This alignment results in a smooth, turbulence-free flow. This one-of-a-kind design ensures little pressure loss in the system, making it ideal for transporting crude oil and natural gas liquids (NGLs). The valve seats are still spotless. The disc cavity, on the other hand, can catch foreign particles. As a result, the cavity usually contains a constructed plug for emptying the collected foreign material during maintenance.

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