Tips How To Cook if You Never Cook Before

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If you want to improve your cooking skills, you should start by following a recipe. You may believe that you can make substitutions or not weigh your ingredients, but don’t deviate from the recipe unless you’re sure you know what you’re doing. Invest in the best non stick pan to buy malaysia.

Follow the steps in the order that they are written. Measure everything and make sure it’s in the proper right time and place. Cook this for the period of time specified. The recipe may not work out if you attempt too many adjustments. Beginner chefs must stick to the recipe; experienced cooks or chefs can adapt.


For those starting to cook, a good knife is essential.

I can’t emphasize how critical this is. It’s not only unproductive, but also unsafe, to conduct all of your chopping with a dull knife. It’s time to make a change. But you don’t actually need one of those knife-filled chopping blocks.

One nice chef’s knife is all you’ll need. And when I say good, I’m referring to a high-quality, razor-sharp chef’s knife. When it comes to cooking, a good chef’s knife makes all the difference.

Imagine having only ONE really high-quality knife rather than a block of mediocre knives. It’s like having an all-in-one tool that can be used for almost everything. In fact, the majority of chefs do. A paring knife and a bread knife are the only additional knives you should have on hand.


Students in a culinary class are learning how to prepare meals. One of my favorite methods to learn to cook is through cooking lessons. When it comes to attending classes, you have two options: in person or online.


My first session was a knife skills class, in which I learned how to dice, slice, julienne, and mince. It was a gift from my spouse, and I adored it!

Look into taking lessons at your local kitchen shop or a continuing adult education programme. Professionals generally teach them, and they can range from demonstrations to hands-on culinary sessions. Learning from a pro and receiving comments on your work is a lot of fun.


Thanks to today’s technology, there are a plethora of excellent culinary classes available online for you to study from the comfort of your own home.


Cookbook challenges can assist you in learning how to prepare meals. Have you seen the film Julie and Julia (or read the book)? Choosing a cookbook and going through it dish by recipe is a terrific approach to improve your culinary abilities.

Simply choose a basic cookbook (or one that teaches the style of food you wish to master) and begin cooking. You may set a goal of cooking 30 recipes in 30 days or one chapter every month. You can approach your difficulty in a variety of ways. You may even enlist the help of some pals and document your progress in a Group on facebook or on Instagram.

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